Arts & Culture

Hurricane’s Arts & Culture Community

Nestled within our City lies a vibrant arts community which helps us not only reminice on our past but enjoy the present look forward to the future!


While you venture through our charming town, keep an eye out for the intriguing historical murals that adorn the streets, adding an artistic touch to Hurricane’s vibrant atmosphere. Main Street and the West Virginia Division of Highways building proudly display these captivating works of art, some of which are the creations of JP Owens, a renowned local artist with a presence in Charleston and the Tamarack Marketplace in Beckley, West Virginia.

One of Owens’ masterpieces, the “Blind Wizard’s Caricature” mural, can be found at 2805 Main Street. This abstract depiction features a whimsical wizard with a flowing beard, donning a resplendent purple robe and hat, adding a touch of enchantment to our town’s landscape. Owens’ artistic talents also pay homage to Hurricane’s rich history as a railroad town, as evidenced by another remarkable mural on the side of the Belknap Dough Company building on Main Street.

What’s even more inspiring is Owens’ involvement in a community mural project on the Meeks Mountain Trail system. This initiative is made possible through the generosity of Owens’ nonprofit organization, the Putnam Area Community Enrichment (PACE) Foundation. The PACE Foundation is dedicated to nurturing the growth of art within Putnam County and providing vital funding to public schools, enriching their art programs and opportunities.

To learn more about the PACE Foundation and its impactful mission, visit Putnam Area Community Enrichment – PACE Foundation on Facebook or explore their website at Your support will help continue to cultivate the flourishing arts and culture scene that Hurricane is so proud of.

Mural by JP Owens Art

Local Art

A number of businesses near Main Street display the local art of JP Owens and others. Lisa Harrison’s artwork (see The Doodlin’ Roo on Facebook) is also on display inside Belknap Dough Company and at Social Event Space at 2833 Main Street.




The Hurricane Floral Gallery on Main Street is a unique boutique that combines florals with fashion. Local artisan pieces, such as jewelry and candles, can be found here. In addition, Bear Wood Company, located two doors down from the Hurricane Floral Gallery offers handmade furniture, rustic decor, custom engraving, collegiate plaques and more. These businesses provide customers with gift ideas made right here in West Virginia. Bear Wood Company also offers workshop tours during regular business hours. While not required, a call or message to schedule the tour is helpful.

Engaging Art for Yourself

If you’d like to try your own hand at guided crafts, or let your children experience art for themselves, a studio called My Messy Desk is located on Dudding Avenue beside Putnam County Bank. My Messy Desk offers private parties and appointments, workshops, Bible studies and kids’ art camps. Owner Liz Giertz says that her customers love to craft without having to plan, buy or clean up. Her slogan captures this sentiment nicely, “Make a masterpiece. Leave a mess.” See My Messy Desk on Facebook for more information.


If you’d rather be part of a vocal group, check out the Hurricane Civic Chorus (HCC). This growing organization is a 4-part choral group that has been part of the Hurricane community for over 30 years! They meet at Forrest Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church each week and welcome new members at the start of each spring and fall season with no auditions required. Members of the HCC can be found not only performing in their own Christmas and Spring concerts but also taking part in local events. For more information, visit them on Facebook at

Performing Arts

What about the realm of fine arts, encompassing the harmonious notes of music, the grace of dance, and the captivating world of theatre? In Hurricane, we’re fortunate to have two prominent dance studios located within City limits, each offering a unique blend of artistic experiences.

Arts in Action, situated at 2658 Main Street, is a non-profit performing arts studio that has made its mark in the community. Their diverse curriculum covers the spectrum of dance, including tap, ballet, and acrobatics. But that’s not all – they also delve into the realms of musical theatre and show choir, allowing you to explore your full creative potential. And for those eager to pluck the strings of a guitar or tinkle the ivories, Arts in Action provides musical instrument lessons, making it a holistic hub of artistic education.

On the other hand, Dancing Unlimited, found at 2825 Main Street, is dedicated exclusively to the world of dance. Here, you can immerse yourself in the art of classical ballet, pointe, lyrical jazz, hip-hop, and tap. The studio warmly welcomes individuals of all ages, from preschoolers to adults, and is inclusive of those with special needs, ensuring that dance is accessible to everyone in our community.

For more details about these exceptional studios and their offerings, please visit their respective websites at and Explore your passion for the fine arts in Hurricane and discover a world of artistic opportunities that await you.