Hurricane History

From “Place of the Hurricane” to Thriving Community:

The Fascinating History and Bright Future of Hurricane, West Virginia

In 1774, a team of surveyors, acting under the commission of George Washington, embarked on a journey down the Kanawha River. Their exploration led them to a remarkable discovery at the confluence of a creek, where they encountered a peculiar sight – a cluster of trees all bending in unison. Fascinated by this natural phenomenon, they aptly named this location ‘the place of the hurricane.’ This creek eventually earned the name Hurricane Creek, and by 1811, historical Virginia maps indicated the emergence of a settlement named Hurricane Bridge, situated near the present-day intersection of Route 34 and Route 60.

Over time, Hurricane Bridge evolved into a bustling stagecoach stop and a thriving hub for livestock trading. In 1873, the completion of a single-track railroad, courtesy of Collis P. Huntington, linked the Chesapeake and Ohio rivers. This transformative development prompted a slight relocation of Hurricane Bridge. With the arrival of the railroad, the town witnessed the establishment of hotels and stores, leading to a name change to Hurricane Station. In 1888, the town was officially incorporated as Hurricane.

The 1960s ushered in a period of substantial growth for Hurricane as the construction of Interstate 64 provided convenient access to both Charleston and Huntington. The town became an ideal residence for individuals working in these cities, and by the 1970s, the population had swelled to 3,000, earning Hurricane the coveted status of a city.

A Dynamic & Progressive Community

Today, Hurricane stands as a dynamic and progressive community experiencing remarkable expansion. The consistent rise in population has made Hurricane an ideal destination for families, residents, and travelers alike. Whether you’re exploring local businesses, seeking accommodations in hotels, or shopping at national retailers, you’ll find it all in Hurricane – be it within the charming confines of Main Street or conveniently situated near Interstate 64.

One of the Best Places to Raise a Family

Hurricane has garnered numerous accolades, including being recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek as ‘The Best Place to Raise a Family in West Virginia’ in 2013. Additionally, it proudly boasts the distinction of hosting a U.S. Top 50 Playground, as awarded by Early Childhood Education Zone in 2014. Hurricane continues to excel in multiple aspects, making it the perfect place for families to call home and a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a vibrant and welcoming community!