City Projects

City of Hurricane’s Commitment to Growth

The City of Hurricane is constantly involved in projects to continue making Hurricane an awesome place to live, work and play. Projects that promote the growth and development of Hurricane are a top priority. The City boasts a population growth rate of over 20% in the past ten years which creates the consistent need to offer more amenities for not just residents, but to make Hurricane an attractive place for visitors. The City has many projects in progress highlighted below. 

Main Street Revitalization

Storefront Development

While many of the buildings in downtown were originally built in the early 1900s, the City of Hurricane is taking necessary and responsible steps to keep the downtown area thriving. The Hurricane Development Authority has played a vital role in this process. Since 2014, Main Street has seen an abundance of new businesses open their doors to the community as part of the efforts of City officials revitalization of the historic buildings and sidewalks. 

Cosmetic Enhancement & Grant Efforts

Enhancements, such as new sign and light posts, uniformity of signage and more on Main Street and in the downtown area in general allows the entire area to appear vibrant and updated. Efforts from City officials are still under way through grant and funding opportunities to increase “curb appeal” and make the area more accessible and appealing to the public.